Scented Candles


Welcome to an alternative lifestyle and explore with temperature play using wax. Spice up your bedroom play with tea-infused scented aromatherapy candles. With the melted wax, don’t let it go to waste – Drip it on yourself or the consenting individual next to you!

Different choices of heat available – Low for starters, Medium for regular play and High for those with a higher pain threshold. Each scented candle is hand-poured and comes in a 100ml tin with the triple wick. Axtrya’s candles contain no paraffin, promise! We have our secret combination that’s body-safe.

— Starter kit available, smaller portions with all three heat variations! —

* Do note that each candle order is handmade and requires a pre-order. We do not have it in stock. Waiting time within a week.

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Scented Candles

Lucid (Low) $18, Lush (Medium) $18, Lustrous (High) $18, Starter Kit $28